Friday, April 29, 2016

Level 1 and 2 Google Educator resource!

Great resource for those looking to obtain their Level 1 and 2 Google Educator!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Digital Breakoutedu!

I have been experimenting with breakoutedu lock box for a short time and just found this new gem a digital version!!  The digital version is just beginning but has tremendous potential.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pixar in a box for teaching real world applications of math and introduce coding skills

We've all heard the question from our students:
"Why do we need to learn this?"

Pixar and Khan academy have teamed up to present an entire set of modules entitled "Pixar in a Box."  The goal of the lessons are to allow the user to see how math can be used for creative purposes at Pixar for their animation technology.  Hopefully, along the way, students will be inspired and see math in their everyday lives and see a purpose for what they are learning in school.  Some of the modules even introduce a bit of coding to teach students how to build the characters.

Here's a short video clip introducing Pixar in a Box:

The modules start with a basic level for lesson one that elementary students can even tackle.  The level two lessons progress into more depth and typically range from middle to high school level content.  Here's a snapshot of the topics and grade ranges: 

I truly believe that the Pixar in a Box modules would help a teacher to introduce a math topic that all kids would be interested and excited about.  If you try it out in your class I would love to hear some feedback.

Virtual Public Speaking App with Google Cardboard

Practice public speaking in front of a virtual audience.  I have only briefly used the app but it seems pretty interesting especially for those that are nervous about presenting.  All you will need is a phone, the app, and google cardboard.
Virtual Speech App

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Interactive Digital Notebook

In talking with several teachers there is a desire for interactive digital notebooks.  An easy solution within GAFE.  Open a google slide presentation and go to slide and click edit master.  From here you can enter a background image which would be the static portion (not easily edited by students) of the notebook, such a vocab list or diagram.  Then you would insert text boxes in the locations you would like your students to enter information.  To make it truly interactive you could embed links to various items such as youtube clips, docs, or forms.  Video tutorial to be posted soon...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Google Goals

New update to calendar has goals that can be established within calendar!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Teacher created google expeditions

Teacher created google expeditions--- Google street views app is now cardboard compatible so you can drop pegman almost anywhere is the world to create a virtual field trip around the world



Google has placed a 360 video on a musher and put the vids up in street view.  Put google cardboard on and you can virtually run the Iditarod!

"ungoogleable" question
Transforming instruction with technology integration.... Ask an "ungoogleable" question? Is it about asking the question, is about how to find the answer, or is it the answer?

Thursday, April 7, 2016


This is a recently released virtual reality app for those that are traveling.  It allows you to relive important historical events in virtual reality with your phone and google cardboard while you are visiting important locations around the world.  So if you are planning on a trip to London, Rome, or Turkey (currently) this app will allow you to see what these places looked like throughout history and relive historic events.  Unfortunately you have to be visiting these specific cities and there are only limited locations at the moment but new releases are currently underway.  Just thought I would pass it along for those that may be traveling next week (yes next week!!).

QR codes

The attached article has some great uses of QR codes.  I have used them in various ways but for me personally it has been effective when used during technology integrated station activities.  You assign specific resources, activities, articles, etc to a QR code and the students visit the station.  Once at the station the student scans the code (with their phone and a scan app) at the specific station which directs them to the resources you designated for that station.  I have included a link to the article or you can scan the QR code below and it will direct you to the article.

If you have any questions or need help just let me know.

Compare, search, and read constitutions from around the world.  Certainly can spark conversations about diversity and tolerance as well as just viewing constitutions.

MMS BYOD quickstart quide

MMS BYOD quickstart guide

  • Obtain a copy of the wifi policy and permission slip from Vince
  • Once you get all of the permission slips signed and returned
    • Create a spreadsheet of students last name, first name, ID number, and grade
    • Attach this spreadsheet to a help desk ticket and the student wifi accounts will be activated
Student wifi accounts have been activated
  • There are a couple of essential apps that you are going to want your students to have
    • Google Classroom
      • Allows for direct access and alerts to classroom
      • They can upload files directly to classroom assignment
    • Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides
      • Allows efficient access to their drive files
      • Allows for direct upload of files