Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Google Expeditions and more trip ideas!

I just thought that I would pass along some new updates from google (easy to use with BYOD).  Google just released google expeditions on the iOS platform!  What does that mean for us…  We can now access google expeditions in our classes and utilize our student’s devices (almost all of my students have an iPhone) to take guided virtual field trips around the world!  If you cannot find an appropriate destination in the expeditions library you can use google street view app and create a virtual field of your own (minus the guide).  I have used google expeditions and google street view in various settings with google cardboard and it is an awesome experience for students and teachers.
Check out expeditions (I know the about page says only in google play but search in itunes and you will find expeditions) and google street view

Google Maps is another great option for many as it is completely customizable by individual students or collaboratively.  Pins can be added to any location and those pins can be edited to add photos, links, etc to each pin.  My maps can also be integrated with sheets via a google form.  I discussed this briefly in my training session on Supt Conf day and have had several inquiries about the video I attached to the presentation (see below)

Last Google tip…
If you want to force your students to make a copy of a document or presentation just replace edit in the url address bar with copy or present (forces into presentation mode for slides) and replace with

This also works in slides for presentation mode just replace edit with present.

Hope you can use some of this in your classes.